Replacement Windows

Our windows are made from Accoya (the "Rolls Royce" of timbers) that has a 50 year warranty against decay. Accoya has so little movement that it allows close tolerance manufacture and also means that when painted, no paint cracks form due expansion and contraction, which is often experienced with other timbers. Manufacturing using cutting-edge 21st century robotic machines and technology gives us the best result possible in today’s market.

Combining the technologies of machinery software and new abilities of glass we have produced a product unseen before, with the choice of high quality hardware in Bronze, Brass or Nickel plated together with the option of spray painting or hand painting with brush marks producing a textured traditional finish. The beautiful thing about Montpelier Accoya products is that if you wish in 10 years time to repaint the windows you can, but if you choose to never maintain the window the Accoya will not decay.

Our ethos is to provide a product of the highest quality known to man and a service exceeding our client’s expectation.

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