Product Warranty


The company warrants that our products and workmanship shall be free from defects that could affect performance for a period of 10 years.

The manufacturer of Accoya, ACCSYS Technologies, warrants against rot, insect infestation, fungal attack and shrinkage for a period of up to 50 years. The current Accoya wood certificate of warranty can be viewed on ACCSYS Technologies website.

Painted Finish

A surface coated with our factory finished opaque painted finish will be warrantied for a period of up to 10 years against blistering or flaking, however consideration must be given to the effect climatic conditions can make to the lifespan of surface coatings. Please refer to the latest Teknos Technical manual for service life guidelines for specific climatic situations. Regular maintenance inspections of at least yearly intervals must be undertaken by the customer and external surfaces should be cleaned quarterly.


The company warrants all key elements of the system (notably hinges, locks and ironmongery) to be free from functional failure for a period of 10 years. Replacement parts will be supplied & fitted under warranty within one year of delivery to site, after which replacements will be supplied for the customer to fit. Cosmetic deterioration to ironmongery due to general wear & tear or chemical cleaning is not covered by this warranty. Please note our liability is limited to replacing the parts only.


The company warrants that glass will comply with Glass and Glazing Federation visual quality standards. The company warrants that seals on the double glazed units will be free from failure (here ‘failure’ meaning failure of the insulation of the glass unit resulting in penetration of moisture into the air space and appearance of moisture on the glass inside the air space) for a period of 10 years. If failure occurs in the first five years the company will be responsible for the re-glazing costs (materials & installation). If the failure occurs in the second five years the company’s obligation hereunder are limited only to supply the replacement glazing units. The company reserves the right to supply a replacement whole sash with glass as an alternative to glass panel.

No other glass defect or phenomena is covered by this warranty. Glass spacer bar codes visual aspect and positioning of toughened glass kite marks are not covered by the warranty. Temporary glass handling marks (e.g sucker marks) are not covered by this warranty.


  1. The period of the warranty shall commence from the day that the goods were delivered to site.
  2. The customer’s rights against the company are not assignable without the express written permission of a company director.
  3. The customer notifies in writing Montpelier Joinery Limited within 14 days after discovering the defect to request a claim form.
  4. All claims are detailed by the client in accordance with Montpelier Joinery Limited claims procedure.
  5. If necessary it may rest with the customer to substantiate the date of despatch of products from the company, proof of purchase and provide maintenance record. Where any valid claim in respect of any products which is based on any defect in the quality or condition of the products or their failure to meet specification is notified to us, our sole liability shall be to repair the products or replace the products (or the part in question) free of charge at our sole discretion, or refund you the price of the products (or a proportionate part of the price).
  6. All warranties are given in good faith. However, if it is deemed after a visit from a company representative that our product has been misused, tampered with or damaged in any way etc we reserve the right to render that warranty null & void, leaving any remedial work to be carried out at a pre-arranged fee which shall be payable before any work commences. Any failure of materials due to faulty workmanship under the term of this warranty will be repaired or replaced at the company’s sole discretion. Only the companies’ authorised representatives can carry out remedial work required under this warranty and no third party expenses will be accepted.

All claims are limited to the invoices value of the product under warranty and exclude any repair or remedial work required by third parties.


Damage has been caused by external causes outside the control of Montpelier Joinery Limited which shall include, but is not limited to accident, fire, burglary, disaster, malicious damage or natural elements and any acts of god.

The product has been exposed to unusual physical conditions which includes but is not limited to, extreme climatic conditions, pollution, coastal exposure to salt laden air.

Damage has been caused by chemical damage, cleaning products, abrasives, ladders, pets, hosing down and general poor maintenance.

Damage to the products that have been caused due to locations with inadequate ventilation i.e. swimming pool enclosures without operational mechanical ventilation.

Non-standard paint finishes, hardware or profiles specifically ordered by the customer.

Damage to the surface coatings or installed units as a result of failure to follow the guidance on regular cleaning maintenance and inspection.

Damage that has occurred due to accumulation of dirt and debris leading to excessive wear.

Damage to or failure of the product due to the fitting of ancillary items such as window shading devices, blinds, security system etc.

The product has been damaged by water ingress or condensation other than a defect caused by manufacturing, materials or workmanship.

No warranty shall apply until all sums are paid to the company.

Exclusions to Supply Items

The product has been stored in an unventilated area prior to fitting/during construction process or stored incorrectly.

The product has been damaged during transit on other forms of transport other than Montpelier Joinery Limited delivery vehicles.

Building details are poorly designed resulting in the poor performance of the product.

Damage has occurred as a result of faulty or improper installation (including incorrect positioning), repairs modification or any alternations from the originally supplied product.

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