A fully glazed roof will certainly allow you to bake or freeze, which is why we only offer partially glazed or fully tiled roofing options.

Our four season's range of hand-painted buildings, with a 50 year timber warranty, accommodate our 1st class bespoke bi-folding windows and doors that offer a flush, seamless transition from the garden to the home. Bring your lifestyle into the 21st century and be warm in the winter and cool in the summer breeze, Montpelier will transform the atmosphere of your home.

Our Accoya buildings offer a 50 year warranty as Accoya has so little movement that it allows close tolerance manufacture and also means that when painted, no paint cracks form due expansion and contraction, which is often experienced with other timbers. The beautiful thing about Montpelier Accoya products is that if you wish in 10 years time to repaint the building you can, but if you choose to never maintain the building the Accoya will not decay.

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